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Bringing you Freedom from Pain.

Bringing you Freedom from Pain. 

I’m so excited that I have been invited to share my Freedom from Pain programme from at a really innovative Clinic in Sevenoaks. From mid April, I will be seeing clients at The Cryojuvenate Clinic in Sevenoaks in addition to my current practice in Rainham, Kent. 

Cryojuvenate is a highly successful clinic that offers state of the art Cryotherapy as used by sports professionals. Their clinic offers treatments that can improve the body’s natural healing properties.  

There are times however, when additional support is needed when pain is just not resolving.  

This programme helps you to understand how your thoughts and feeling actually influence physical changes in your body. It will teach you how you can control how your body responds to stress in your life. You can find this can have a hugely positive impact on pain you might have.     

So, if you are someone who is…….  

  • Noticing that pain gets worse at times when you are busy, leaving you feeling stressed and feeling you have no control?  
  • Waking feeling exhausted because your sleep has been disturbed by pain? 
  • Worrying when the next flare up of pain might be which could mean more time off work? 
  • Making excuses to avoid activities that you are frightened will aggravate the pain? 
  • Feeling miserable because you can’t join in fun activities with friends or family because the pain or fear of it, gets in the way? 

 …Then you might be interested to find out more about what I offer.

What is the Freedom from Pain programme? 

I have drawn on over 30 years experience working as a Chartered Physiotherapist and have incorporated my skills as a Psychological Therapist to develop The BodyMind Solutions Freedom from Pain Programme. 

Government guidelines suggest that psychological therapies play a crucial part in dealing with persistent pain. So, you can rest assured that this approach is in line with the latest recommendations.  

We will work together over a number of weeks using techniques which will help you to re-programme unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling which can be influencing your physical body. This clears your mind and so helps reduce physical tension in your body. Following this we can then work together more easily on physical rehab, making it easier to move and do the things you want to! 

Changing lives  

I’ve helped many clients make this shift in their life already and it would be wonderful to be able to add your story to my list of successes. 

One lady I worked with had suffered for 25 years from trigeminal neuralgia (extremely painful condition in her face).  Her only wish, when we finished working together was that she had done the work years earlier! 

Another lady who had repeated episodes of recurring pain following a lumbar disc bulge found this became a thing of the past after working with me. She even went onto find her dream job that she had never believed she would find!

 How can I join the programme? 

If you would like to find out if this programme is something that could change your life then take advantage of my limited time opening offer of half price initial consultation (at £45) for all bookings at Cryojuvenate UK, Sevenoaks.  

For more information see   

 To find out more or make a booking call  Cryojuvenate UK on 01732 449411 or Sandra Lamb from BodyMind Solutions on 07913266480. (Please also call this number for any enquiries relating to Rainham bookings) 

Sandra Lamb is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Psychological therapist and Pilates Instructor. 
Grad Dip Phys  MCSP  HCPC Registered 
DHP BWRT Practitioner,  Member APHP, Founder member BBRS  
For information on NICE guidelines for Management of Low Back Pain and Sciatica see 

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