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Your PilatesFix is a mindful exercise programme which aims to improve the strength and control of your spinal support muscles, increase your flexibility and enable you to move easier, keep active and feel amazing! I will be posting regular videos, including live videos which you will be able to watch any time, anywhere via our Members-only Facebook group.

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The price for membership is £9.99 per Month.

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Terms and Conditions for Membership


Your PilatesFix is an online video-based Facebook membership group delivered by Sandra Lamb at BodyMind Solutions. The Your PilatesFix membership will include access to an online Facebook group which includes Pilates, relaxation, stretches and general advice about how to keep strong, flexible active and pain-free.


Fitness to Participate

-          You are responsible to ensure you are fit enough to participate, any pre-existing injuries or problems should be assessed prior to joining the group by a medical practitioner or physiotherapist to ensure it is appropriate for you to participate.

-          All advice is given as general guidance; however, BodyMind Solutions accepts no responsibility for how you choose to follow this advice. As this is an independent, self-lead programme, you are responsible for your own participation. Please use the videos as a guide as your participation is dependent upon your own fitness levels.

-          Any advice given in response to comments from participants should not be taken as a replacement for a full assessment by a medical practitioner or physiotherapist. It is individual member’s responsibility to ensure safe practice of exercises in line with guidance given in the videos.

-          If you feel that an exercise is not comfortable, it is your responsibility to seek advice regarding this. General advice will be given but should not be a substitute for assessment by a medical professional or physiotherapist if a problem persists.

-          The programmes have been developed to ensure a gradual progression of strength and flexibility and it is your responsibility to ensure you follow advice regarding progression. BodyMind Solutions accepts no responsibility if you carry out an exercise that is not appropriate for you, as this is a self-lead programme and all advice is given from a general perspective. Results cannot be guaranteed.

-          If you are in any way uncertain as you your fitness to take part you must consult your own GP/Physician prior to attempting any of the exercises or advice on the videos/comments.



-          The cost of Your PilatesFix membership will be charged monthly depending on your plan. This is payable via Paypal on a recurring monthly payment.

-          If payment is not received at any time, this will result in immediate cancellation of membership.



-          We hope that you enjoy being with Your PilatesFix, however should you wish to cancel any time, you can do so here by clicking on this link.



Copyright/Intellectual Property

-          YourPilates Fix is designed for personal use by members only and is built on the understanding that all material is the property of Sandra Lamb at BodyMind Solutions.

-          No content posted on the group may be used for any other use without the prior written permission of BodyMind Solutions.


Rules of Group

-          This is a supportive group, everybody is to be treated with respect. Although this is classified as a “private” group, members should understand due to the nature of social media that any comments posted could be deemed to be in the public domain.

-          All rules of the group are to be adhered to at all times. These include being kind and courteous, respecting everyone’s privacy, making sure you are fit to participate and contributing to the group. A full list of rules is available under the “about” section on the group itself.

-          Please do not offer any medical/fitness advice to any other members on the group.


Security & Privacy Policy

-          BodyMind Solutions will not share personal data to any third parties and data will remain confidential at all times. Your personal data and payment details will be kept securely in line with GDPR. All payments are made via a secure link (SSL layer included in the website).   All information/comments you place on Facebook are subject to Facebook’s own terms and conditions/Privacy Policies.