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    The main reason I would like to join your PilateFix Pilates Classes is to:

    I wish to attend the following sessions

    I have practised Pilates before?

    I heard about BodyMind Solutions "Your PilatesFix" classes from:

    If you are recovering from an injury or have an ongoing painful condition, before you start the class we need to book a call to discuss your rehab plan. Please confirm that you are happy for us to contact you to book a call.

    If female, are you pregnant or have you given birth in the last six months?

    I understand it is my responsibility to advise BodyMind Solutions of any ailment or condition which may affect my participation in a class. I understand that the instructor will advise me regarding appropriate technique for each exercise and all exercises should be practised within a pain free capacity. I accept that it is my responsibility to seek advice from the instructor should I find that an exercise feels uncomfortable for me.

    I understand that any information I have provided is kept secure and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and no information will be transferred to third parties without prior consent. Full privacy policy can be viewed at www.bodymind-solutions.co.uk, please ask if you wish to see a written copy.