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BodyMind Solutions: The Freedom Programme

Premium ProgrammePain can persist for many reasons so before you start working with me I take time with you to understand the factors that contribute to and influence the pain that you have been feeling. This ensures that what I offer will indeed make a difference to you and how you live your life.

We will then work together and agree a BodyMind Solution Plan so that your programme is designed specifically for what you want to achieve.

As soon as you begin working with me you will improve your understanding of the pain and so you are able to make a difference to how you feel every day.

The Freedom Package delivers bespoke elements from each of the individual BodyMind Solution Programmes. This comprehensive approach ensures you are able to change the way you think, feel and move so you can find freedom from pain and really take control of how you want to live.

Your Freedom Programme will incorporate elements from all of the BodyMind Solutions programmes  and so includes:

  • Physioflo 'Hands on' Physiotherapy techniques to 'free up' restricted tissue that will mean you can move more easily and comfortably 
  • MindFit Re-programming techniques which give you more control over how you think and feel and respond so  each day feels more calm, positive and results in less tension in your joints and muscles.
  • PilatesFix exercises which will help you to feel stronger and more flexible, making activities so much easier to achieve

It's so easy... Find out how The Freedom Programme can help you to take control of pain by signing up now for your Free Discovery Session and take your first step to finding freedom from pain.