Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

At BodyMind Solutions we pride ourselves on looking at you as a whole person to ensure that you are really enjoying every aspect of your life. Sometimes life gets in our own way and we don’t necessarily take time out to think about the things that we enjoy and the things that make our hearts sing!  

When we do things we enjoy, it has a positive influence on how our mind and body functions which is why we include this element as part of your work with us at BodyMind Solutions. 

After working with us, you’ll take with you the knowledge of how you can ensure you live life to the full!  

Work in this area may be included as part of your programme or you may decide to develop this further in one of our workshops, retreats or regular Pilates classes.

Workshops - 

Taster sessions for Pilates - introducing you to the benefits of Pilates  

Online Pilates group

Clear Your Mind workshops - more details coming soon 

Mindfit for Runners 


Retreats - Finding Your Calm Connection 

Weekend retreats in the UK 

Week retreats in the sun 

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