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MindFit Programme

What is MindFitness?
Quite simply- it's exercising for your mind

Most people are aware that if we exercise our muscles we can do more of what we want to do when we want to do it, well exercise for your mind is just the same.
If you take time out to learn how you can influence your own thoughts and feelings, you will be amazed at what a difference it can make to how you feel and what you achieve.

What can the MindFit for Pain Programme do for me?

The MindFit programme will show you how to change your mind to change your pain.

Taking control of stress that is impacting on our life can have a huge impact on  persisting  pain.
In a MindFit programme we work together using a series of therapeutic techniques to help you identify and move on from barriers that may be holding you back and making your pain worse.


How can a MindFit Programme help pain?

The MindFit programme can:
• Help control stress and anxiety so you can feel calmer and happier and feel less pain.
• Show you how to control your ‘alarm signals’ resulting in reducing the pain ‘volume’
• Help take control of unhelpful thoughts or behaviours that may be impacting on your well-being. 

So by completing a MindFit programme you will be taking an important step towards finding freedom from pain.



MindFit for Life

Our lifestyle can have a big impact on how we feel and the quality of life we enjoy. Other MindFit programmes are available to help you make positive changes in many areas of your life which may be impacting on how you feel.

These include:

  • MindFit for IBS;  
  • MindFit to Quit Smoking,
  • MindFit for Healthy Eating 
  • MindFit for Runners,
  • MindFit  for Anxiety
  • MindFit for Study and Exams

Bespoke MindFit programmes also available to work in other areas of positive change

Its time to change your mind to to improve how you feel.Sign up now for your free discovery session.



MindFit programmes can be taken as an individual  programme or may be included in your  Premium Package.