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PilatesFix Programme

PilatesFixWhat is PilatesFix?
PilatesFix is a mindful exercise programme which aims to improve the strength and control of your spinal support muscles, increase your flexibility and has the added benefit of enhancing relaxation so that you are able to move easier, keep active and feel amazing!

It has been designed to enhance your progress, either as part of or following on from a BodyMind Solutions Premium Package or Physiflo Programme.

How can PilatesFix help me?
Regular practice of the PilatesFix programme can help you to :

  • improve your posture, strength and flexibility
  • improve recovery after back pain.
  • prevent future episodes of pain or recurring injuries.
  • take control of stress
  • improve your sleep
  • keep you more active and be able to do the things you enjoy
  • improve your sporting performance

How do I join a PilatesFix programme at BodyMind Solutions?

PilatesFix is delivered in one to one sessions, small groups and also as a membership offering online classes.

For availability in small groups or for a one to one session, please contact me directly at or call 07913266480.

For details of how to join the online   tag membership sessions, click here.