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PilatesFix Programme


Studio Classes & Online Membership Group  

PilatesFix is a body and mind exercise programme which, when practised regularly, helps to: 

  • improve your posture, strength and flexibility 
  • improve recovery after back pain. 
  • prevent future episodes of pain or recurring injuries. 
  • feel more relaxed 
  • improve your sleep 
  • keep you more active and be able to do the things you enjoy 
  • improve your sporting performance 

PilatesFix Studio Class 

PilatesFix is delivered in one to one sessions and small studio groups at BodyMind Solutions, Westmoor Farm, Rainham, Kent. If you would like to join a group it is advisable to book a one to one session so we can assess your specific needs. This session will also include an introduction to the Pilates Principles and basic exercises, which will mean you will get so much more from joining a group!  

For availability in small groups or for a one to one session, please contact me directly by emailing or calling 07913266480. 

Online Your PilatesFix Group 

Your PilatesFix online brings to you (at home, or wherever you are!) regular live and recorded sessions from a Chartered Physiotherapist that include:

  • Pilates classes 
  • Stretch sessions 
  • Pilates technique spotlight sessions 
  • Guided relaxation sessions 
  • Q+A and advice sessions relating to Pilates and staying fit and injury free 


For details of how to join the online membership sessions, please click here.