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At BodyMind Solutions, based in Hythe and also Rainham, Kent,  Sandra (Lamb) Hughes helps you to improve how you think, feel and move.

"I see you as a whole person and provide support to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. I am here to help you make positive changes so you can live a healthier, happier and more contented life."


“It will change your life!
Sandra is some sort of wizard that makes you realise you are in the driving seat of your own life. You can take control of your emotions, and she genuinely does help you become the very best version of yourself.” Ms P



Are you looking for help to overcome anxiety or maybe stress, fears or phobias are getting in your way? 

Are you fed up living life in constant worry mode which makes each day a struggle; feeling frustrated and upset that things never seem to change?

Perhaps you would like to create healthier habits or maybe escape the constraints of persistent pain? 

 I can help!

Using techniques such as Hypnotherapy, and  Brain Working Recursive Therapy, (BWRT), I can help clear negative thoughts and feelings, and unhelpful behaviours and patterns,that may be getting in your way of living life as you would like to. 

100s of happy clients have seen the amazing results it can bring.

Find out more about how you can create the life you want to live  with  Hypnotherapy here 


I can help your recovery from a painful injury, such as back and neck pain, shoulder or knee pain.
Or perhaps you may need help with chronic persistent pain such as sciatica, headaches, neuralgia.

Find out more about how you can become one of the hundreds of clients I have helped find freedom from pain and injury.

Find out more about Physiotherapy here




I also deliver Pilates Classes, both on-line, via Zoom and Face to Face which is a wonderful exercise programme which brings benefits to both your body and your mind.

Find out more about Pilates here

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