Creating More Certainty from an Uncertain Situation

It may seem, at this point in time that there is complete uncertainty around what’s going to be happening over the next few months. Uncertainty, for most people can be a real source of discomfort within us. When we feel that we have no control over what’s going on around us it can bring us to a point a feeling extremely distressed. How are you feeling at this moment in time? Are you worried, confused or perhaps beginning to panic?

When I’m working with clients, uncertainty is one of the key themes that often arises as a trigger to feeling unsettled and causing the symptoms of anxiety.

For most of us we feel safer when we know what to expect and with the current situation unfolding around us, not knowing what to expect next can seem very daunting.

So what can we do to help this?

When looking at change I advise to focus on these six key steps

  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Purpose
  • Emotional Intention
  • Action
  • Resources

This can be our framework for change. Let’s take a look at how we can make the shift.

Becoming Aware of The Triggers.

Once we are aware of the sources of our feelings, in this case uncertainty, we can then set about changing things. Awareness is the first step to change. Reflect and clarify what is the trigger for our emotions. Talk to others about how you feel, it can make so much difference when you talk it through.


Change Our Perception of the situation

We might believe that we have no influence over the situation affecting us but it is entirely possible for us to change the way we feel about it.

If we can step away from the emotional discomfort for a period of time and ask ourselves how can we see this from a different place, we can begin to notice a shift in how we feel.

What is our Purpose, what’s important to us? If we keep out attention on the good things that we we value it can help to bring us back to to a place of comfort.

It’s not just about positive thinking, though that is part of it for sure, its about connecting with our  Emotional Intention.

It may that we don’t want to feel unsafe and want to get away from the feelings of chaos, however, when all our focus is on what we can’t do or don’t want to feel, this can result in us reinforcing these feelings.

So, if we shift our focus to what we can control, what we do feel certain about, and connect with the positive emotions associated with that we can connect with more comfortable, safer place.

This doesn’t mean we dismiss completely what’s difficult but we place our attention onto something else. Focussing on what’s around us that does brings us happiness, looking at how we can add positivity to the situation, what good can we find from the situation? Think about looking at things form a different place.

Take Action 

We need to support this shift in attention by changing our actions too. Placing our efforts into doing something different that will move us away from the negativity and create a more positive feeling. What actions can you take towards shifting towards  more positive feelings and outcomes?

What Resources do you have or need to help you to take action ?

Here’s a list of the key areas that you might like to consider that can make a real difference to us feeling in a better place.

  • Meditate or deep relaxation – this will help us to switch on our “rest and recover” response, clearing our mind and relaxing our physical body.
  • Exercise – take action to move often and create the “feel good boost” from activity and exercise
  • Connection with others – keep talking, sharing, and supporting
  • Connections with nature – whether in person or virtually, connecting with nature is a calming and grounding activity
  • Learning – stimulate our brain with leaning something new
  • Creativity – draw, make, sing, design, bake … be wonderfully imaginative and resourceful
  • Contribution– give your time in anyway you can to support others in some way
  • Healthy fuel– nutritious food and sufficient fluids ensures good mood and a healthy body
  • Gratitude– focussing on what we are appreciative will ensure our focus remains on the good things around us.
  • Fun without purpose – just do “stuff” for the fun of it and enjoy……!


So, if you have been feeling panicked or constantly worried by the situation we are all in, consider spending some time focussing on what we can control, place our attention into actions that will make a difference to you and others around you.  Create some new helpful habits, the benefits of which you will continue to enjoy long after this time has passed.


I’d love to know what you’ve decided to do to move towards a more positive place.

Please share your ideas, success and lessons learned, with us all.



If you know anyone who is affected by anxiety please support them by talking them through some of these points and let them know that at BodyMind Solutions we offer specific support to help people through these steps to move beyond anxiety for good.
 ©Sandra Lamb 2020


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