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Helping you through the Coronavirus crisis

In light of recent events, and lockdown restrictions we want to ensure that you are able to practice Pilates from home as often you you would like to in order to stay fit and healthy. If you would like to join as a Standard Member for a special lockdown price of £4.99 / month please use the code YPF1105 and join via the link below.  



Being part of  tag  will help you to:

  • Improve posture, strength and flexibility so that you can keep active and feel amazing.
  • Recover more quickly from pain or injury and help prevent further problems arising.
  • Take control of stress so that you find your calm connection.

Facebook  "Your PilatesFix" Group Membership

This brings to you 24/7 access to live and recorded Pilates sessions

  • shorter on line sessions, easy to fit into your day
  • 24/7 access via Facebook
  • same expert instructions from a Chartered Physiotherapist
  • supplements regular class attendance
  • can carry out where ever/when ever suits you
  • opportunity to interact/ feedback on group page


How do I join?



Your PilatesFix is a mindful exercise programme which aims to improve the strength and control of your spinal support muscles, increase your flexibility and enable you to move easier, keep active and feel amazing! I will be posting regular videos, including live videos which you will be able to watch any time, anywhere via our Members-only Facebook group.

When you join you will receive 2 confirmation emails. One from Paypal and one from BodyMind-solutions.

The email from may go into your spam/junk email folder so please do check there if you do not see it in your inbox.

LOCK DOWN PRICE IS NOW only £4.99 per month, please remember to add in discount code :YPF1105