Changing Your Mind About Pain

Changing Your Mind About Pain

Ongoing back pain is a condition that impacts millions of people and many often carry this burden in silence.

Having been given the option of medication as the only support to manage this problem, people with chronic pain can find themselves in a life limited by fear of the pain and its consequences.

Pain becomes part of them and their way of life, with plans taking place around the pain. This often leaves them feeling frustrated, fed up and missing out on so much.

Physical changes can arise from emotional origin.

Pain is a message to alert us that the body is in danger or distress. We make the assumption that the origin of that pain is physical. But do we realise physical changes in our body may arise from emotional origins too?

We understand that it’s quite natural that our heart will races if we’ve been startled. We expect, perhaps, that tears will appear from our eyes when feeling sad and we notice that our hands may sweat if we are nervous.

So why is then that we are often surprised to hear that pain can arise from emotions too?

Pain can become part of an automatic programme.

All of these responses are controlled by automatic responses, not conscious choice. On occasion, the automatic programming in our brain can result in the development of ongoing pain.

I’ve worked with many clients with ongoing pain. I have seen the best results when we’ve worked together on dealing with their unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and fears as well as physical rehab.

I’ve helped many clients re-establish a new response so that pain is a thing of the past. We work together to discover and re-programme unconscious patterns of thinking and feeling that have been getting in the way of them living their life without pain. This then allows us to work more easily on physical rehabilitation so that they feel fitter, happier and get on with enjoying life more fully.

If you know someone who has been suffering ongoing pain, even if there’s a physical symptom present, we can often make a massive difference to their life by addressing their situation with this approach. So please do let them know there could be a solution here to their problem.

Contact me for more information about my Freedom from Pain Programme. Discover more about the many clients who have discovered a whole new approach to living a life free from pain!

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