Persistent Pain

Freedom from Pain Programme

  • Have you had enough of pain interrupting your life?
  • Are you lacking energy as pain disturbs your sleep?
  • Are you missing out on hobbies and activities because of pain?
  • Do you struggle to get through a working day?
  • Maybe your doctor has told you they have done as much as they can for you?
  • Do you have painful conditions such as muscle and joint pain, IBS, fibromyalgia or migraines?
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Pain is part of our body's alarm system. We may notice a number of physical responses occurring when this system is triggered. As well as pain, you may also notice other changes such as muscles tensing, feeling anxious and maybe your digestive system feeling irritated too.

These are all related to your alarm system being switched on to high alert.
There are many reasons that this may get 'stuck' at this level and can result in ongoing health problems such as chronic pain conditions, migraines and IBS.

At BodyMind Solutions I help you to reset your alarm system and find freedom from problems such persistent pain and others related health issues.

Work with me to:

  • Uncover unhelpful patterns that may be triggering your alarm system
  • Work on resetting your alarm system using Mindfit techniques, including BWRT®
  • Review your physical restrictions and address these, as necessary, with 'hands on' Physiotherapy techniques and a Pilates based exercise programme
  • Develop a personalised BodyMind Solutions plan which includes strategies and exercises to follow to support your ongoing progress
  • Provide you the opportunity to continue regular programmes to support your future physical and mental wellbeing.

Get in touch today for your FREE Discovery call to find out how this programme could help you Find Freedom from Pain.