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Free Your Body

The body’s natural healing processes means that we can recover from injury, but often, when our body heals, it does so with restrictions and weaknesses. This means that we can’t move as freely and easily as we might like to after we’ve had an injury or painful problem. 

It’s important if we sustain an injury, that we optimise our body’s natural healing processes. At BodyMind Solutions, we help you to do this so you can free your body and move as easily as you’d like to.  

There are many reasons that we may get pain, injury may be one of them. On other occasions, pain may appear and we don’t know why it arises. At BodyMind Solutions, we help you to discover the causes of ongoing pain and restriction in how you move.  

We’re expert at identifying the underlying causes that may be stopping you from recovering from such a problem.

There are many reasons why pain might start, but there are also many other reasons why pain might continue. We look at physical components such as posture, muscle length, muscle strength, coordination as well as your physical activities and demands. We help you to improve all of these areas so that you can move more freely. 

We may also explore with you how your thoughts and feelings may be impacting on your physical body. Emotional stress and anxiety can create tension in our muscles (part of our fight or flight response) which will impact on how our muscles can function and, consequently, how easily you can move.

Once we have assessed your needs, we may include any of the following elements as part of the Free Your Body Programme: 

  • Hands-on Physiotherapy Techniques which include STARs® (Soft Tissue Active Relaxation Technique®) - this is a technique which has been created by Sandra Lamb to combine soft tissue manipulation alongside Mindfit techniques, which helps harness your natural physiological response to bring about a release in soft tissue tension, so that you can move more freely and easily.  
  • Home Exercise Programmes to support your recovery.
  • Ergonomic Advice to ensure that you manage physical stresses and strains on your body in the most appropriate way.
  • Invitation to Pilates Classes (both in studio and online)